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Until we bleed


Caterina Scorsone, Bellamy Young Jessica Capshaw attend the ABC Shondaland Twitter Premier Party

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Callie and Jackson don’t get along because two people this pretty aren’t meant to share the same space.

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Sara Ramirez, Jessica Capshaw, Ellen Pompeo, Sarah Drew, Jesse Williams, Kevin McKidd, Caterina Scorsone, Debbie Allen & James Pickens Jr. attend the ABC Shondaland Twitter Premier Party

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being an angry crier is the worst because people either feel bad for you or they think they won. like no. i’m gonna punch you in the jaw. i’m just crying i’ll still knock you down a peg.

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parks and recreation + text posts

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A Swedish woman hitting a neo-Nazi protester with her handbag. The woman was reportedly a concentration camp survivor. [1985]

Volunteers learn how to fight fires at Pearl Harbor [c. 1941 - 1945]

A 106-year old Armenian woman protecting her home with an AK-47. [1990]

Komako Kimura, a prominent Japanese suffragist at a march in New York. [October 23, 1917]

Erika, a 15-year-old Hungarian fighter who fought for freedom against the Soviet Union. [October 1956]

Sarla Thakral, 21 years old, the first Indian woman to earn a pilot license. [1936]

Voting activist Annie Lumpkins at the Little Rock city jail. [1961]  

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Woman lead revolutions !!!!! WOMAN ARE LEADERS

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