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Shonda Rhimes: I fought it and I debated it and tossed and turned about it but in the end, I had to do what was right for the integrity of the character. Mark would never abandon willingly Sofia and he would never willingly abandon Callie. So Mark dies. And he and Lexie get to be together in a way. Their love remains true.

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"I understood what Travis was feeling. I went through the same thing with my wife. She… she lost her leg last year and it’s changed us. It’s cost us in ways that I can’t even begin to understand. I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone. And now it was happening to my patient. Of course I was sorry. I still am. I’m so, so sorry this happened to you Travis. But that makes me human, that does not make me negligent. I mean if I can’t feel for my patients without getting sued then I guess I’m just going to keep on getting sued because that’s who I am. I won’t apologize for that."

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[S10] Meredith Grey: Spunky Supermom

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Virtually every dog relishes a loving scratch behind the ears and some sweet, vocal praise. But dogs identified as pit bulls get a bad reputation and a lot less love.

Try not to cry as you read the full stories behind these heroic pit bulls here. 

Love that someone made this.

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The 100th episode table read.

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crayoncollection  @jessicacapshaw filming for our PSA at Sonic Magic ! She’s awesome ! #crayoncollection #heroofcolorcity #psa #kidsinneed

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April Kepner Appreciation Week  → DAY THREE: favourite friendship

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april kepner appreciation week » day three: favorite friendship

↳ Cristina Yang - “You know, I’ve always been on the fence about Kepner, but now I’m not just a friend. I’m a fan.”

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Bo: “We had sex, it doesn’t have to mean anything more.
"Kenzi: "Sex doesn’t. But, sleeping over usually does."


Thanks for clarifying that one for me Kenzi!

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